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Sports Day 2015


General Election 2015

Giving to Charity


Online Safety

Raspberry Pi 2

Royal Baby

Technology and The Elderly

19/03/2015 – Newsday

After weeks of preparation, Newsday is here and It is all go here at Bullers Wood School report HQ. We have reports coming up discussing the Chancellor’s latest budget, the solar eclipse, as well as staying safe online. We also have a technology feature this year with reports about women in technology, technology and elderly and the Raspberry Pi 2.

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Happy Newsday from all the reporters here at BW BBC School Report HQ!

BBC Make It Digital Campaign

We are pleased to share our @BW_SchoolReport team contribution to the a BBC #MakeItDigital campaign. The video was part of a launch event held last week and was screened to the Director General and other senior members of the BBC.

Bullers Wood School Reporters publish their first News stories.

Mr Greene Spills the Beans!
Written by School Reporters Maisy, Tess, Lauren, Lily

My Greene is the new headmaster at Bullers Wood Secondary School. He has been a history teacher for 20 years and was deputy head at Newstead Girls school before coming to Bullers.
We were fortunate enough to interview Mr Greene. We asked him several questions about his new job and his first thoughts and impressions
Firstly, we asked Mr Greene if he had enjoyed his time so far at Bullers Wood. He said,
“Very much so, it feels like I have been here longer than 5 weeks. Everyone here has been very supportive and welcoming”
He then discussed his plans for the school with us. The key ones were,
“To build on the success and achievement here at Bullers Wood and to improve all that we can. We know that exams are changing and we need to be prepared. Giving ‘we weren’t prepared for the new exams’ as an excuse is not acceptable. I would also like to increase our range of opportunities. Bullers Wood school for boys will provide us with lots of new opportunities.”
His thoughts and opinions on homework are that it has to be focused, relevant and have a purpose. The homework should expand on the student’s education. We need to make sure that the homework results will lead to a student feeling more confident.
Mr Greene said that he was,
“Very impressed by the standard of uniform. It shows that we are very proud of our school.”
When asked why he chose Bullers Wood as his next school he replied with,
“Well, what made Bullers Wood choose me? When I came here it confirmed all the good things I had read. When I walked through the corridors and felt the atmosphere, I could just see myself here. I had a 2 day interview and was struck by the polite students and staff.”
Mr Greene then explained that Bullers was a physically different site to Newstead. The school building is attractive and inspiring. He continued to say that at Bullers there is an excellent range of activities on offer.
Over the next week Mr Greene will be working with 6th form on Monday, going to a design museum on Tuesday and watching the school’s Wizard of Oz play on Friday.
Mr Greene has made an excellent first impression on the school. We are all looking forward to what he has to offer over the time that he is here.
Welcome Mr Greene!

There Is Nothing ‘Mini’ About A Marathon
Written by School Reporters Hannah, Emma, Ella & Caitlin
On 26th April 2015, there is a marathon taking place in London. The marathon is roughly 26 miles long so it is a huge challenge to complete it. Before the main event is the youth version, also known as the Mini-Marathon.
Bullers Wood Student, Caitlin found her passion for running at primary school, and now trains 3 times a week at Blackheath and Bromley. She heard about the mini-marathon through her running club and also at school. Caitlin has taken part in Crystal Palace and Kent races and the trials for the min-marathon are every week on Saturday from 31st January till the 28th February. She is aiming for around 24 minutes and although it is a challenge, we all hope she can pull it off.
Head of year 8, Miss Sydney, is taking on the challenge of completing the 26 mile run. She is running for NSPCC, a children’s charity, because she has a close relationship with children as she works in Bullers Wood School. She does not have to raise money because she has a ballot place but she is hoping to raise £1000. Our report team interviewed Miss Sydney about the upcoming event and we found out the reason she was doing the marathon was because it was on her bucket list, one of the things she wants to do before she dies.
She has started training for the marathon by running three times a week, she does two ‘recovery runs’ and she does one long run which is about 10 miles long. Miss Sydney is not aiming for a specific time, she is only aiming to complete the marathon. She is also not competing against anyone, only herself and she is looking forward to finishing the marathon, not actually running it. She only has one tip for Bullers Wood runner Caitlin, “stay positive!”
There are positive aspects of taking part in sport such as improving your overall fitness and keeping yourself healthy. You have to be self-disciplined and committed whether you are playing an individual sport or playing as a member of a team. It can also be sociable and fun. However, there are some negatives. Some sports can be expensive to take part in such as horse riding for example. Becoming a member of a gym can also be costly. You have to be organised and often have to exercise before or after work or school.
Taking part in marathons can be a fun experience where you can meet like-minded people who enjoy running and keeping fit. You can also help to raise money for charity. But taking part in marathons involves a lot of hard work and dedication and training which would have to take place in your spare time.
We wish Caitlin and Mrs Sydney the best of luck!

A Night At The Theatre
Written by School Reporters Abby, Emma, Nishat, Kylie, Meg, Meril & Alice

Recently, Bullers Wood School for Girls staged a 3 night performance of The Wizard of Oz. Tickets for the Friday night sold out within a week and one of the audience members we spoke to after the opening night was quoted saying, “It was good. It was very good.”
We were lucky enough to catch up with Madison, who plays the dog, Toto, at a rehearsal for the production. She said; “I’ve been acting since I was young and singing since year 4”. A member of the orchestra also told us, “It was really hard work in the rehearsals, but in the performance it made it all worth it!”.
We also interviewed Mr Johnson and Mrs Seall, the directors of the show.
“If the cast wasn’t right, the whole play wouldn’t be right!” – Mrs Seall
“We used the original score but we slightly adapted it according to the atmosphere of the play,” – Mr Johnson

Mixed Education ‘V’ Single Sex
Written by School Reporters Zoe, Britney and Naomi
In the last decade the amount of schools in the U.K have been increasing and many of the schools in the U.K are mixed. Here at Bullers Wood School for Girls we decided to find out what people thought about mixed schools and what the current status of the proposed Boy’s school is.
We did a bit of research and found out that the introduction of the Boys school should not have an impact on our learning as it will be a different school to ours. It will however enable close links with a school for boys that could include extra-curricular activities.
In an Interview with Miss Sydney she said that she thinks that success in a single sex or mixed school depends on type of learners. She also said to us that “it’s good to have different perspectives and that mixed schools aren’t necessarily a bad idea” she then added that she went to a mixed school and she hopes she turned out fine.

Freedom of Speech – We investigate
Written by School Reporters Jade, Alice, Molly and Anusheh
Following the terrible attacks in Paris in January we wanted to investigate Freedom of Speech in more detail. We turned to Mrs Van Teutum to help us understand the subject a bit better.
Freedom of speech definition. The right to speak without censorship or restraint by the government. Freedom of speech is protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution. (See clear and present danger.)
Freedom of speech definition. The right of people to express their opinions publicly without governmental interference, subject to the laws against libel, incitement to violence or rebellion, etc.
Freedom of speech is essential in any society where personal choice is valued. It is a key feature of democracy allowing people to choose what they value and believe in. It is linked to the right to protest about conditions in that society and decisions that those in authority make. Freedom of speech should protect all groups especially those who are feeling vulnerable and maybe have small numbers in their group.
However freedom of speech does not mean the right to be cruel to another group in a way that encourages people to hate each other. Freedom of speech should be protected at all costs including freedom of expression in different ways such as literature, drama, dance and music.
London respects were paid to the journalists killed in Paris. Landmarks were lit up with the colours of the French national flag in tribute to the 17 victims that died over three days of deadly attacks.

Fitting Back In
Written by School Reporters Blessing and Kiara
It’s often hard fitting into new environments. We interviewed Mr Haddon a teacher who has recently come back to Bullers Wood School after taking a year out of teaching to go travelling.
During our interview with Mr Haddon, we spoke to him and asked how did you feel on your first day back? He replied of being ‘a bit out of touch and very different to what it used to be’
We then asked how he adapted to the environment. His response was ‘It was quite quick because I knew the place before’.
We questioned him on what response did he get off other staff? He spoke back with ‘Very positive response and everyone wanted to know what he got up to in his time away’.
And how was his lessons with various students? He said ‘Same but different, it’s a time phrase but it’s a bit more different but the same’.
Mr Haddon has really enjoyed taking back on Drama club. He says it has been a way of fitting back in. Drama Club helps students express their emotions through acting, this helps students who are not as confident as others. Drama club helps students conquer their fears with the help of other students to help push them to their highest level (not physically). The club allows people the confidence to fit in.

Are School Dinners Good or Bad?
Written by School Reporters Saffran, Lauren and Isabelle.

Lunchtime is the most important time of the day as you get to meet friends and stuff your faces and have a break from lessons which could be hard. A large proportion of students in Bullers Wood School have school dinners and we wanted to know more.
We interviewed many students and teachers over the past week and we asked are school dinners value for money, are they tasty or are the portions good. We asked 8 students and teachers what they thought about school dinners.
The teachers all said they would rate it 4/5 out of 5. One of the teachers commented “They are pretty good but not as good as a restaurant.” The teachers have all agreed that the canteen needs to be improved with the lining up and another serving place. Teachers think that the food is delicious.
On the other hand students disagree with the teachers because they think that the food has a lack of flavor and the presentation needs to be improved. The students have said that they would rate it 2/3 out of 5.
We also interviewed Mr Greene our new head teacher. Mr Greene commented “I think that they are balanced and healthy, it is different from my old school and I think that I would add another canteen and seating area. I would rate it 8 out of 10. I am going to add another canteen in 2016”
We look forward to seeing the changes over the coming months and years.

09/02/2015 – Coding with the BBC
A Few weeks ago Mrs Lock and Mrs Calvert visited the BBC for a training session on a new ‘Data Pics’ tool that is being launched for School Reporters. We were very lucky that Bullers Wood had been asked to attend as only 3 school from across the whole country were asked to trial the new piece of software. Their feedback of the tool was taken on board and implemented by the developers at the BBC in order for it to work correctly for school reporters.

On Monday 9th Feb the BBC School report producer Laura and a team of other BBC staff visited the school to watch us use the tool for the first time and talk to us about the importance of digital technology. Johana and Mrs Calvert were interviewed by the team on camera discussing why it is important for young people to keep up with changing technologies. The final video will be presented to the BBC board of directors as part of the BBC’s ‘Make it Digital initiative.

We interviewed Sacha, Kayla and Johana after the team had left to find out how they found the day. Their response was really positive with Kayla commenting that it was “really good to see the code in one screen and the preview image in another” and Johana commenting on how “it made boring words and statistics fun using colour and images”.

Below are a couple of photos from the day as well as our finished ‘Data Pics’ that we built on the topic of technology in schools.

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This year students from year 8, 9 and 10 are working on creating the news.
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