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News Day 27th March 2014
Welcome to the Bullers Wood BBC School Report Page.
Today is News Day and our team of 24 School Reporters and their 6th Form Mentors worked tirelessly to get the report ready for the 4pm deadline.
Please scroll down for the video, link to the report we made with the BBC and posts from the day.
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‘Bullers Wood School Reporters and Teachers Mrs Lock and Mrs Calvert’

That’s all folks! A busy day at Bullers Wood School Report HQ has finished and here is our report! Massive congratulations to our reporters – they should wear their lanyards with pride tonight!

With a little help from the BBC School Report team, 3 of our School Reporters produced a report on University Fees. Please follow the link to watch their report!

Microphone Cube Challenge
As well as reporting the news our students have been taking part in the school report Microphone Challenge.

Editing The News
We are 10 minutes away from finishing our reports – A few teams are cutting it fine!

Producing The News

Our animators and editors are working to finish off their reports. They have a 12:30 deadline that is fast approaching and they are starting to feel the pressure in the News Room.

Gathering The News

The School Reporters are hard at work finding breaking news stories in the daily and local newspapers as well as searching online. These stories will join pre-researched stories in our final schedule.

School Report Day out – 6th March
On the 6th of March three year 9 BBC School Reporters (Katie, Amy and Sacha) and their year 13 mentor (Nellie) joined Mrs Lock for a day of filming with the BBC School Report Team. The story we were due to film was about the cost of going to university and has been planned and researched by the School Reporters down to finding the locations and writing the shooting scripts.

We met the rest of the team at The University of Greenwich where we helped the Producers, Angie and Judith reccy possible locations and met our cameraman for the day, Josh. At the university we filmed cut away shots of important areas such as the library, lecture theatres and student café. We also interviewed 2 students about tuition fees and their finances. We learnt about the different loans and grants we could obtain from universities and the government.

We then travelled into central London to the offices of where we met founder, Martin Lewis. He showed us around their offices and spoke to us about how the loans worked, budgeting and top tips for us and our parents.

It was a very long day filming, but very much enjoyed by all students. The BBC staff commented on the students ability to learn lines, talk to camera and interact with different interviewees and they said how impressed they were with their enthusiasm.

The final report for Television, Radio and online will be aired on the 27th March as part of the BBC School Report News Day output. For more details on Bullers Wood’s School Reporters please go to:


12th December 2013– Practice News Day #2

A handfull of Bullers Wood School Reporters are working on Christmas related stories for the second Practice News Day.


By Hashini, Natasha, Maddy, and Grace

It may be our favourite time of the year, but it turns out we spend more time buying and choosing presents than enjoying the day itself.

It is estimated Brits will spend an average of just four hours and six minutes relaxing and enjoying themselves over the Christmas break this year (source: Direct Line), As the presents get cheaper and then the price goes lower, it begs the question, Are Christmas Sales good or bad?

Interviewing the London public the cheaper prices seemed attractive to them, stocking up with presents without the worry of expense. The larger the family, the more presents to buy and with Christmas sales blooming are the quality of the presents as good as the price?

With a large amount of stock and many customers shops love the attention that Christmas gives them however some people prefer to shop where there isn’t any chaos around the shop and where quality is better than quality. As long as the products are Christmassy, then they have a better chance of being sold without the customer worrying about the quality which according to many of the public’s opinion, wasn’t up to the standards that you would expect of a present or decoration.

We spoke to shoppers in London. One said, “[Christmas gifts are] too expensive, people expect too much”. This led us to wonder if Christmas is now more about the receiving than the giving?

But to round off, remember to spend wisely, but other than that, we wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Does Christmas Come Too Early?
By Hannah, Fidan and Brogan

Christmas. Everyone’s favourite time of year with food, presents and excitement. But does this festive season start too early and is there any excitement left by the time Christmas actually comes?
We were lucky enough to go to the BBC broadcasting house on the 3rd December where we toured the BBC and witnessed how much effort is put into a single news report whether on TV or in the newspaper. While there, we had the opportunity to interview members of the public outside the BBC and their views about whether or not Christmas comes too early.
From our results we concluded that the majority of the public start planning Christmas in late November or even early in December to ensure that they are prepared for the ‘big day’. Some admitted that they didn’t plan at all due to lack of time and work. People also had very opinionated views about whether the media and shops start to publicise Christmas too early. Many agreed as shops often spend approximately a year planning Christmas so that we can enjoy our festive treats on time. They believe that the Christmas spirit is almost gone by the time the presents are unwrapped as the decorations are sometimes put up after the summer season has ended.
Some early planners told us that they started planning for the Christmas season as early as September, when the shops usually start selling their Christmas goods.
So does Christmas come too early in your house?


6th December 2013 – Breaking News discussed by BBC School Reporters

Many of us awoke to hear the news of Nelson Mandela’s death. Bullers Wood School Reporters and Staff have been looking in more detail about the man and his legacy.

Report by Year 10 BBC School Reporters:

Today is a sad day because Nelson Mandela made a big impact on our lives and how countries are run around the world. He will be remembered for all the good things that he did to help not only South Africa but individuals too.

Natalya, 14, said “This is a sad day. Mandela is a part of my history and I feel that I would not be doing the things I can today without people like him campaigning for black rights”.

Emily, 14, said “He is very lucky to have lived such a long life and had so many stories to share with his family.

Megan, 14, said “Mandela will go down in history as someone who fought for what he believed in. He will never be forgotten”.

We were surprised to learn about the reasons behind his imprisonment today in our lessons, but we can understand the reasons behind he did what he did.


3rd December 2013 – School Reporters on BBC World Service

The new PISA tables were released today and this coincided with our School Reporters visit to the BBC. Natalya and Stella spoke to BBC World News about the differences between boys and girls in education.

To watch the clip visit the School Report website –



3rd December 2013 – School Reporters Visit to BBC Broadcasting House

On the 3rd December a group of 32 BBC School Reporters led by Mrs Lock, Mrs Calvert, Mrs Lubbock and Mrs Christopher visited the BBC at Broadcasting House in Central London.

Our Mentor for the project, Producer Angie Pitt, got us all in through security and we were based in a conference area on the 4th floor of the new building. From there we spent the morning working on news stories for the next practice news day. A few students were lucky enough to work with Angie on an audio report whilst others worked alongside the journalists at BBC World to report on the latest Education news. The BBC World interview showed 2 times throughout the day and the crew commented on how interested and keen the students who took part were.

The highlight for a lot of the students was seeing the presenters of the news in the reception area (we even got a wave from the weatherman in the weather studio just before he went live on air) and being able to walk up the famous spiral staircase in the main newsroom.

After lunch we headed off on the official tour which took us through the corridors of the old part of the building and into the big radio studio.  We also had the chance to try our hand at making a Radio Drama and read the News from an autocue. We finished off the visit with a number of photos next to the Tardis taken and a trip to the gift shop to buy reporters pads and pens.

A good day was had by all and I certainly think that a lot of students were inspired by the work that they saw going on.




Audio: Listen here for the Audio Report from the visit.

15th November 2013 – Practice News Day #1

The Media rooms were a hive of last minute activity on the run up to the 1pm deadline set by Mrs Lock. Once Reporters had finished their own reports they were helping out other groups, finding photographs, giving last minute quotes and acting as proof readers for content.
With 9 reports researched, written and uploaded we are very pleased with how Practice News Day number 1 has gone. Roll on December!!

‘School reporters working hard finalising their stories’

‘Tilly speaks to Angie at school report HQ’

‘Bullers Wood school reporters 2013/14′


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8th October 2013

With children’s reading (or lack of) in the news this week Aimee chatted to the the BBC News Online team about how important reading is to her.

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